Reimagining How Modern REALTOR® Associations Work

Every day, your outdated AMS is making you and your staff work too hard.

Tangilla is the "Operating System for Modern REALTOR® Associations," an Association Management Platform developed specifically and exclusively for REALTOR® Associations. Built using ubiquitous and proven modern software, Tangilla completely reimagines how REALTOR® Associations work. Using Tangilla's proven workflows and processes hides complexity, automates and eliminates tedious tasks, and improves overall productivity.

Tangilla will make your life easier.
Every single day.


Tangilla, Fetch!

  • Fetch is Tangilla’s “game-changing” membership application and forms module.
  • Fetch automatically validates M1 and State License information and calculates and collects dues and fees, including proration, ensuring accurate data capture where it matters most.
  • Plus! Using Fetch, our clients have new members on board and fully provisioned in minutes, without anyone in Member Services having to handle any of the processing!
Tangilla - Modern Communications

Modern Communications

We've done away with the need to leave Tangilla to create beautiful & effective email campaigns. The Tangilla Communications Module allows you to send well-designed, perfectly-timed emails without having to move data into third-party email platforms. And our modern communications module also allows you to customize timed communications directly to the member portal!

Tangilla - World Class Segmentation

World-class Segmentation

We heard you loud and clear. Current Association Management platforms make it too hard to segment and communicate with your members based on the membership factors that matter to you most. Our segmentation tools in Tangilla allow you to slice and dice your member data in ways you've never before imagined, without the need to export your data to get the benefits.

Tangilla - Education & Event Management

Education & Event Management

You shouldn't have to jump through multiple hoops to set up a class or event. Tangilla has removed the hurdles that get in the way, for both you and your members! In a few clicks, your event is ready to be promoted and members can instantly gain access to class or event registration and management. Powerful tools delivered with simplicity. That's what Tangilla does.

Tangilla - NRDS At The Core


Since Tangilla is designed exclusively for REALTOR® Associations, we built everything with NRDS/M1 in mind. And since there is only one member record in NRDS/M1, there is only one member record in Tangilla. With a single record, Tangilla enables unprecedented access to information that makes streamlining important data and communications both practical and painless.


Experience The Tangilla Way For Yourself!

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