Our Story

Tangilla is the story of three friends who decided to spend a working week in the beautiful Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales, Australia. Apart from giving Jeff the opportunity to take some pretty pictures (see below), the main purpose was to take a hard look at the North American Real Estate industry to identify an opportunity to focus our complimentary experience on solving a meaningful problem.


Was there a meaningful problem we could solve? The answer was a definitive yes. We had all worked closely with REALTOR® Association staff over the course of our years launching various real estate technologies. This included our time together at RealSatisfied. As a result, we had developed strong relationships with a number of Association Executives. As friends, they would often share pains unrelated to the software we were providing.

The stories we heard consistently centered around the inefficiency of the platforms available for managing communications with Association members. The plots became familiar. The software was hard to learn, hard to use, and it was hard to get meaningful information in and out of the platforms. To make matters worse, tales of attempting to switch to other known platforms were told with regret. They had nowhere to turn.

From our temporary home on the Kangaroo River, we called around to a few of our Association friends, some of whom became part of our original advisor board. It quickly became crystal clear – REALTOR® Associations needed a fresh approach to the software used to manage their member relationships. Existing software offerings were outdated and over-complicated. Our solution would need to be a true SaaS platform built from the ground up on the latest technologies, with a fresh design that was both flexible and easy to learn.

Tangilla is that platform. It is the result of listening to the needs and desires expressed by Association Executives and Staff just like you. We know we have solved a real problem. And we're proud of the solution we've built for specifically and exclusively for REALTOR® Associations.

We think you will be too.

The Founders


Jeff Turner


Jeff specializes in helping technology startups understand and navigate the complexities of the North American real estate market. He is also an internationally recognized speaker on topics at the intersection of technology trends and human behavior.

As founder & CEO, Jeff led the digital media firm, J.J. Grace, onto Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Companies. He entered the real estate space in 2002 with his founding of the Real Estate Shows virtual tour platform. Since that launch he has served as a Founder, President, or CEO of multiple real estate technology companies, including Australia-based RealSatisfied, acquired by Placester in 2016, and Immoviewer, a world leader in virtual tours founded in Potsdam, Germany.

Jeff is currently a partner at KTK Partners (Tangilla), Entrepreneur In Residence for Second Century Ventures and its REACH accelerator, and is a strategic advisor to real estate technology startups in France, Germany, Sweeden, and Australia.

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David King


The bloke behind the curtain that makes it all work, David is a true entrepreneurial technical specialist.

He combines his considerable commercial acumen with a great knack for system design. This has resulted in a track record of delivering applications for a broad variety of industries over more than 15 years - applications that actually deliver on their promise.

David is currently a partner at KTK Partners (Tangilla), and is always up for a round of golf. He lives with his beautiful family on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.


Phil Kells


Phil has over 25 years of experience in large digital businesses and as an entrepreneur and started his career as an analyst with Dell.com.  He followed that with a client-facing business development role at DoubleClick and a measurement, technology, and analysis role with the digital agency, OneDigital.

In 2003 he joined David King to launch The WebMart Network, focusing on online marketing, promotion, and research. After 8 years of success with its PUBLICeye market research platform, the RealSatisfied real estate customer satisfaction platform was launched in Sydney, Australia. Under Phil’s leadership, RealSatisfied expanded to include operations in the US, Canada & Australia, serving over 170K agents inside the worlds leading real estate brands. In April 2016 RealSatisfied was acquired by Placester Inc.

Phil is currently a partner at KTK Partners (Tangilla) and Principal of 7 Worlds Advisory, consulting to start-ups, working with them to move from start-up to ramp up. He is currently based in Sydney with his wife and two young children.

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